Fly First Class at Coach Prices

Recent global economic issues have made air travelers more price sensitive than ever — but that doesn’t mean you should forgo a big comfy seat, especially if it costs less than the same one in coach. Drivers Unlimited Limousine Service can transport you comfortably in a Town Car, Stretch Limousine or SUV to and from your destination safely and you won’t have to worry about paying a boat load on your flight tickets.

Domestic U.S. airlines file hundreds of thousands of discounted first class airfares called “Y-Ups” that you can use in a variety of travel situations and in some cases are cheaper than last minute or emergency purchases (even cheaper than close to sold out popular travel dates).

Call us at Drivers Unlimited Limousine Service and we will get you there on time.  Take advantage of our latest promotion: Book a round trip and receive $50.00 off your return trip on your first reservation. Call us now at (203)656-8400 or call us toll free at (800)637-5440.  You can also visit us on our website @

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