Looking to Hire a Corporate Car Service? Here are 5 Things To Consider

The choice to hire a corporate car service for your chauffeured transportation is a big one that shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially considering employee’s safety. You want their experience to be a pleasant one and for them to arrive to their destination safely, comfortably and to receive a five-star service. Hire a Corporate Car Transportation Service to ensure your employees are focused on the purpose of their trip, not the logistics of their trip. Additionally, when the travel arrangements are made with a professional car service, the chances of travel delays or cancellations are less – you know your employees will get to the airport on time.

Unfortunately, there are some transportation companies that are not as professional as business travelers need. Some companies provide inconsistent service, do not hear your particular needs and ultimately fail to yield acceptable car service. To avoid a corporate car service disaster, it’s important to know what to look for in a company before contracting with them. Keep reading for 5 things you should ask when looking to hire a corporate car service.

Is it a Professional Corporation Car Service Company?

Is the company properly registered for corporate transportation?

You should ask if the company has the proper license with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Especially in light of the latest news, you will want to verify that the vehicle has passed required inspection and that the inspection is current and valid. If setting up a corporate account, request and obtain license and registration proof from the company. For corporate car service taking you or your employees across state lines, check that the company meets all regulations and compliance requirements for each state. In some states, the vehicle can be stopped and immediately impounded if it is found to be out of compliance.

What level of insurance does the company carry?

It’s unfortunate that it needs to be said, but never, by any means, hire a transportation service if they don’t carry business auto insurance; business auto insurance will ensure that your safety, including serious injury or death would be covered by the company’s insurance policy if there is an accident. Corporate car services should be eager to provide proof of valid, appropriate current insurance coverage for their fleet. Beware that some car service providers, especially ride-share operators, may insure their vehicles under a personal auto policy. Personal auto insurance policies may not cover a vehicle being used for business services nor the clients who hire the vehicle.

Do they have strong Corporate Transportation reviews?

When looking for a quality corporate car service, checking out online reviews and testimonials is the first and easiest place to start. Choose an experienced and reputable company with numerous references and corporate car service reviews. Look for reviews from users who are similar to you or used the service you need. A review from someone who had hired the company for a wedding limo will not have the same needs, expectations or price consideration of a business traveler needing car service to the airport. Also check the company history as you can infer a company that has operated for years must have a good operational history. Choose an experienced, reputable car service company with numerous references.

Unfortunately in the online world, you can’t rely on just one review site. Find a company that has reviews on several sites, and especially ones that do not have anonymous reviewers. Even well known review sites may not be 100% accurate as some companies hire people to post good reviews to increase traffic. If the reviews are spread out over time, the reviewers have posted other reviews that are relevant to their lifestyle, and there are plenty of specific details, then you can probably trust them enough to hire a corporate car service.

How are the chauffeurs trained?

We all know not to hire a contractor for your house unless they were certified and trained. The same thing goes for a corporate car transportation service; make sure their chauffeurs are thoroughly trained. Just being a good driver is not enough for professional white-glove service or to trust your and your employees’ safety. A part-time chauffeur, or someone driving as a side-gig, would probably not have the level of business experience and professionalism that you need. These are important factors to consider when it comes to picking the right limo service.

A professionally trained chauffeur is just as important as is a safe vehicle. Choose a car service that respects the caliber of their chauffeurs and continues to train and support them. Chauffeurs should thoroughly vetted when hired, including a criminal background check and random drug testing. They also should undergo continuous training and DOT compliance. A professional corporate car service will have chauffeurs that are true employees, not independent contractors.

Are the drivers properly licensed as a chauffeur for Corporate Transportation in CT and NY state?

Verify that the driver has the appropriate license required with the New York State and Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles to drive the type of vehicle you hire. Different states may have different requirements for chauffeurs. There may also be different rules for use of roadways for hired cars, as well as only specific hours that the roads are open to business or pass-through traffic. A professional driver will know the rules of the road and plan the trip accordingly. Otherwise, your trip could take a lot longer when the driver realizes he cannot use the route he expected.

What type of vehicles are in the fleet?

Rarely will a luxury chauffeured transportation companies only drive stretch limousines. There are a number of different types of luxury vehicles now, so selecting a vehicle for your outing should be specific to your needs. Different occasions call for different types of luxury vehicle and a corporate car transportation company should have several options in their fleet.

Check out our premier fleet of executive and luxury vehicles for any type of personal or business needs. Additionally, we offer larger vans for meetings, conventions and shuttles. Whether you need a ride to a Yankees game with your sales team or are celebrating a team member’s win, we have the perfect vehicle for you.

When evaluating a limo company, take the size and condition of the fleet into consideration. A company with a large enough fleet to accommodate multiple clients means the car that shows up will be the car you reserved and you haven’t been bumped. Normally its wise to inspect the car you are renting, unless the company has standardized their fleet and maintains their cars to exacting standards. This is a very important factor that will help make sure you get the quality and model of car you were expecting.

What happens if there is an accident or the vehicle breaks down?

Vehicle break-downs can happen at any time, but we can minimize the likelihood of when a vehicle needs service. There are preventative measures a professional car service can take to maintain their vehicles. In the unlikely event a vehicle breaks down or is in an accident then the corporate car service company you hire should have a backup plan to ensure you still arrive to your destination on time.

A professional car service company will only invest in vehicles built by certified and reputable manufacturers that adhere to all OEM’s safety mandates. They will also adhere to a very strict and regular maintenance and safety schedule to keep vehicles in pristine condition.  If a vehicle does break down, there will always be a backup plan in place to keep your travel plans on track.

Price is obviously a factor, especially when you need approval for your travel budget. Be sure to ask about the entire bill for your contract and pick the one that suits your budget. Some companies may seem ridiculously cheap but have layers of hidden charges to be added to your base charge.

Are References Available and a Guarantee for the Corporate Car Service in Writing?

Any professional company should willingly provide references upon request. Look for both personal and corporate references. Get everything you need and that is offered in writing. The more specific your requirements, the further in advance you should star to reserve your car service. When doing so, insist on a written contract that clearly states all details of your reservation, and be sure you understand all terms and conditions of your agreement.

When you hire a transportation company, you’re trusting them to transport you and your loved ones, friends or employees safely around town. Deciding on the right corporate car service should get easier with the tips mentioned above. Consider booking our Connecticut car service that offers the highest luxury and comfort. We look forward to serving you!

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