Our Eyes on the Road

At Drivers Unlimited, we’ve developed a new and unique way to keep our limousines on top of heavy traffic and get you to your destination on time. Anyone who knows the greater New York City area is well aware that congestion is a huge problem, especially during rush hour and the holidays.

We at Drivers Unlimited have studied this problem for months, if not years. We’ve tried all the solutions to anticipate traffic and avoid it. We’ve put GPS systems in all our limosuines and observed  the traffic on Google Maps for hours. But none of these methods worked as well as we wanted.

Then one day, it hit us. The morning news always shows you videos of traffic so you know what your morning commute will be like. So we thought, why don’t we use the same technology to our advantage? Working with our limousine drivers, we identified the biggest bottlenecks in New York City, Fairfield County, northern New Jersey, and parts of Westchester county.

With a little help from the Department of Transportation, Drivers Unlimited rigged up a system that allows us to monitor live video feeds from highways all over the region. We can see traffic building up and alert our drivers. It’s almost like being on the side of the highway (minus the noise, garbage, and wind!). As far as we know, Drivers Unlimited is  the only limousine service in the greater New York City are to use this technology.

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