Packing Tips Every Business Traveler Should Know

Packing Tips For Every Business Trip

Frustrated with business travel and the airlines baggage policies? Unsure how much to pack? Use these top 10 packing tips to get ready for your business trip and make travel as easy as possible.

Packing Tip #1.) Make a “What To Pack” list.

Have you ever arrived at your destination only to discover you forgot your toothbrush? One of the most important packing tips is to make a list before you pack. A “What To Pack” list will probably be different for men and women. Include in your list items that you will want to purchase as soon as you land, especially for international travel.

Packing Tip #2.) Layout each outfit prior to packing.

Lay out each outfit from head to toe.  Check for outfits that can use the same accessories – shoes, belts, jewelry, etc.

Packing Tip #3. Include mix-and-match clothes.

Pick just one or 2 basic appearances as your clothes staples, such as dark or brown. Create your business tour wardrobe from here. Some outfits can be multi-purposed.  By removing a suit jacket, and wearing a casual shirt, you can be business casual without an extra pair of pants.  Add that suit jacket to a pair of jeans and you have an outfit for a night on the town.

Packing Tip #4.) Pack for where you are traveling.

Research what is necessary for where you are traveling. You’ll need your business attire, of course, but will you need cold weather or warm? If traveling from one temp zone to another, make sure a coat is easily accessible or can be removed and stored effortlessly. Make sure to wear your bulkiest items on the plane – it’s much easier to wear heavy items than trying to pack them.  Additionally, only bring one coat so if possible, make sure all your outfits work with the one coat.  Be sure to bring credit cards and at least some cash. In some places, your debit card may not work. Investigate where you’re going–you may need to convert money into foreign currency before you go or as soon as you land, especially if you need to take a taxi from the airport. It may make sense to reserve a car to pick you up from the airport, and not worry about finding a taxi, getting lost, or having local currency on hand to pay for a long ride.

Packing Tip #5.) Pack just enough.

Once you’ve laid out the essentials, do not try to cover every occasion. Pack enough clothing for each day of your trip, plus an extra shirt or two for variety. You probably will need to strike a balance between packing too little and taking too much. Err on the side of packing light. Use your packing list to guide you. Carry your most important set of clothes and all necessary items that cannot easily be replaced, such as contacts, in your carry-on in case your luggage gets delayed.

Packing Tip #6.) Put suits in first.

Cover suit jackets, dress shirts or dresses with a garment or dry-cleaning bag to prevent wrinkles. Place the center of the garnet bag in your suitcase. Let any excess parts of your dress clothes drape over the sides. Fill in the remaining space with other clothing, covered shoes, and your toiletry bag. Roll your pants, casual shirts and Then cover these items with the rest of the suit. Your garnet bag becomes the “wrapping” to keep the rest of your things in place.

Packing Tip #7.) Know your carry-on liquid limits.

The current scoop is that for everything from hair gel to water you can only bring containers no larger than 3.4 oz (100 ml) onto an airplane. All the bottles must fit in a re-sealable one-quart bag, and you’re only allowed to have one of these bags. Drink your water before you pass through security to board the plane. Pack larger-sized items, such as a regular shampoo bottle, in the luggage you check. Be sure to place anything gooey or water-based, such as toothpaste or mouthwash, in a sealable plastic bag to prevent these items from oozing onto your clothes.

Packing Tip #8.) Extra Items

Plus make sure you have all your travel documents, such as your eticket, driver’s license, and hotel information in-hand, usually in the outside pocket of your carry-on. Carry your passport for international travel. Make photocopies of these documents to keep in your suitcase and leave a copy with someone at home. Keep your all extra stuff like toothbrush, soap & toothpaste (if needed) in another small plastic bag.

Packing Tip #9.) Packing a tie

A tie can be an important part of your attire at a professional meeting and it is more prone to wrinkles. To avoid these wrinkles, go for a tie case in which you can put more than one tie at a time without any creases. If you do not have a tie case, rolling your ties, or laying them flat in the garment bag can keep them wrinkle-free.

Packing Tip #10.) Invest in quality travel luggage

Buying a light-weight luggage bag, or a nice rolling bag that glides is a luxury worth investing in.  Some bags have built-in garment sleeves that make packing suits easy, secured and minimize wrinkles. There may also be a dedicated space for your shoes and by packing your socks inside your shoes, you can save even more space.  Look for pack-it cubes and folders that help separate your clothes and keep them secured and folded.

Conclusion of our packing tips

Ready to go? With these packing tips, you’re off! Make a quick list, pack the essentials, including just enough and you’ll be ready to board the plane. Reserve your business car service to get to and from the airport. Give your travel details to at least one friend or family member. Enjoy the ride.

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