Why the SUV Car Service is Replacing the Airport Limo

When you want to travel in comfort and style, airport limos are out and chauffeured airport SUVs are in.

Today’s SUVs are more luxurious, environmentally friendly, safer and less ostentatious than stretch limos. And there are other advantages, too. Keep reading for five reasons why the luxury SUV is the new airport limo.

1. Airport SUV is a Better Value

SUVs offer you better value for money. They’re more comfortable, incredibly luxurious, and don’t cost the earth in comparison to a stretch limo.

While town cars are a great option if a smaller party is traveling together, larger parties will need an SUV to fit all passengers and luggage. The cost of an SUV spread over 6 passengers, for example, means a more economical journey, too.

2. Get to the Airport Faster with a Chauffeured SUV

A stretch limo might cause more of a stir while on the road, but they’re certainly not quick and nimble when it comes to maneuvering in New York traffic.

When you’ve reserved an airport limo to JFK, the last thing you want is to miss your flight because your car was too big to slip out of a jam, or take a nifty shortcut.

3. SUVs Have Better Road Handling, Whatever the Weather

When it comes to road handling, the SUV wins hands down. The thick heavy tires and four-wheel-drive mean that you’ll safely arrive at your destination no matter the weather.

Come rain or shine, the SUV’s 4WD increases traction so the tires better grip the road. This means no slipping or skidding on the road, faster braking than a regular car or limo, and an altogether more pleasant journey for you.

4. An Airport SUV Offers Superior Safety Than an Airport Limo

Without a doubt, an airport SUV is far safer than a stretch limo. SUVs are built to protect their passengers, while stretch limos are, as their name suggests, stretched out, weakening their structure.

In the event of an accident, an SUV has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities, and you’ll be far safer in an SUV in a collision.

5. Enter and Exit a Chauffeured SUV With Ease

A stretch limo sounds like a great option for many, but passengers with mobility or health issues may find entering/exiting them a struggle, especially with a group.  Sliding down the seats to get to the door, or crouch walking from the front to the door can be very awkward.

With its raised carriage and sidestep, an SUV is a far better option as it’s much easier to access by everyone in a party.

Why SUVs are Replacing the Airport Limo

With their enhanced comfort, greater maneuverability and superior safety features, luxury SUVs are fast replacing the airport limo. A town car service is a great option for business travel, and luxury SUVs offer more comfort and a smoother drive.

With their large passenger and luggage capabilities, SUVs can also work out a little cheaper for larger groups spreading out the cost of travel.

For these reasons, many town car services are now offering luxury SUVs as part of their fleet, offering you the greatest comfort and convenience for your next airport journey.

Are you ready to reserve your luxury SUV for your airport journey? Contact us today, and let us find the perfect vehicle for you and your traveling party.

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